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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 6, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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break. when news breaks out we break in because breaking news changes everything, as you know. "your world" is next. >> the very latest from the white house where the president is going to wrap up a meeting with the head of the cdc. how serious is the ebola outbreak. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. so far, the administration ain't budging on a travel ban. >> a travel ban is not something we are considering. we're confident of the -- >> when you close off countries there's a danger of making things worse, our isolate them, it is could cause unrest and governments could fall. >> five dallas area schools under ebola watch are getting
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screeners to check students for fevers, and governor perry announcing plans for inland screenings at the border, but would a travel ban from affected countries solve the problem? our doctor thinks a ban would be reasonable. why. >> it's not going to solve hundred% of the problem but you have to, and why are we all taking our shoes off at the airport knowing it's nat going to solve 100% of the problem, and yet we still do it. we have already seen what happens in dallas if one person comes through, what -- we're following 100 people in dallas. it's affecting all of the schools. one person in the hospital? could contaminate a good portion of the hospital, and possibly infect some of those physicians and nurses and the housekeeping staff. the consequences of having one case come to this country are
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multiplied many times over. we know the situation in africa is horrendous and getting worse. the epidemic is doubling every three weeks. >> the flip sized cdc authorities who say, the danger is that shutting down travel to and from affected regions, least say liberia, or seven nations, you create more harm and more panic. what do you think? >> most of the nations in africa, southern africa, are shutting down travel to the affected nations. what -- don't have to cut off the supply of humanitarian supplies but restrict the entry of people who are exposed to ebola without having -- at least without having them go through a quarintine process for at least 21 and maybe 25 days? we have a terrible situation in west africa now do we want to have it all over the world? >> your argue. is if you allow travel, even for
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those countries and regions that have maybe not put as strenuous a clamping down on travel, that you will heighten the risk that something bad happens. right? >> well, one person coming in with an infection can cause havoc. we can look at what the israelis are doing. the defense force is not sending soldiers even though they have one hover the best rapid deployment teams in the world. they are sending other people, medical people, but they're going to neighboring countries. not right into liberia. because they said we have no way of protecting our soldiers and keeping them from bringing the virus back home when they return. maybe we should pay attention to what the other nations in the world are doing. >> well put. doctor, thank you. i'll be raising it with the head of the cdc later. more suspects cases of ebola seem to keep popping up across the country, whether they're
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confirmed or not it's scaring folks in delware, sick child is under observation right now. new york, international airport majors rushed to the hospital on saturday with symptoms of ebola. turns out he did not have it. which frightened a whole lot of folks. reports of more than 100 such scares just since the summer. to former homeland security secretary, tom ridge. we know this is distracting the healthcare system. >> i think one of the real challenges is -- and a wakeup call to the notion that even if we identified the pathogen, and we have, are we equipped to deal with it if it spreads quickly because it is a a contagion. and the thread of a path general directed am us from terrorist or mother nature. three elements: can we identify it? do we have an antidote and a distribution system?
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and that rekindles the question, are we prepared for this pathogens whether from mother nature or terrorists. >> i don't want to compromise your sources or the like, secretary, but have you any reason to believe such a thing has happened? in other words, that sun has or -- someone has or is planning to too just that. >> absolutely none. no reason to believe it, nor does anybody else -- >> that's the fear of yours, why is it a fear? >> well, just the fear -- it's not a fear that has been planted bay terrorist. it's a for that we has a country are ill equipment to handle a pathogen when we don't have on the shelfs the antidotes. we have limited research capability, and would we be able to get vaccines out in time. there was an experimental drug. they're rung tennessee and trying to come up with --
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running tests and trying to come up with a countermeasure, but this is a wakeup call dealing with ebola ebola and many nurses and practitioners read about it, but it's just a reminder how important a strong public health system is and how important it is to have our biocompanies and our -- ready to respond as quickly as possible. >> would be a practical safety measure to just limit travel from that affected region. what do you think? >> well, neil, it seems to me when you're the second of homeland security or deal can with this, it's about managing the risk. the doctor that is preceded me in and having the conversation with you, highlighted that notion. even some of these african countries are limiting travel. so for the time being, until we're more comfortable that we have the spread of the disease under control, can we manage the risk by limiting or restricting travel? it seems to me to be a very common sense measure, if you're
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trying to manage the risk you need to do that and you need to continue as the cdc has done to communicate with the general public, we have it under control. >> as our nation's first homeland security secretary you know what it's like to get everyone on the same page elm impetus behind forming homeland security that everybody would be speakle from the same choir book, and what is causing me concern how to handle ebola waste related issues like sheets from this particular victim in dallas, who is being under intensive care right now, from his apartment. the cdc says dispose of that as medical waste. then i understand the department of transportation, homeland security, says, no, no, no, you can't just transport it. it's a reminder that our authorities -- i'm not blaming parties or the president or republican0s whatever -- we're not on the same page on this, and that causes me some concern.
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>> at this point in time, cdc should be and is at the epicenter of public communication. we need to take advice from the professionals. remind me of the situation when we had the anthrax crisis in a few days after i took over. we pulled everybody together in the roosevelt room, we are said we need have a central point of communication, have much better collaboration, both in terms of information, sharing and then working with the healthcare providers, and i will just respond to your comment, if we're not on the same page, only one person that can call people together and get it done and that's the president, and i'm comfortable he has tried to do that but somebody needs to take charge of this in the white house and say this is a serious problem could get out of control. what are we doing collectively, not independently, collectively to deal with this? >> i had going gotten about -- forgotten about the anthrax
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thing. >> remember that. >> i do want to talk about another mess we're not appreciating the magnitude, that is cybersecurity. and in light of all of these hacking incidents that have bedeviled stores, home depot, and banks like j.p. morgan chase, and always wondering whether these are warmup acts. what do you see? >> i think the whole -- the challenge in the digital forever more and that means we are connected irreparably and forever to the flow of elooktrons is the -- electrons is the association of breaches. we saw what happened to target and home depot and j.' -- >> see more of this. >> absolutely every day. whether it's a nation state or a hacker or orecked crime, that's one of the -- organized crime, that's one of the rains
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partnered in a cybersolutions company to have a threat-based intelligence analysis, threat-based assessment done. we'll look at the threat of the sector, to the company, look at the regulation, look at the national institute of science and technology, they had some standard, and then probe, we're going to probe these companies to see if they has already been an incursion, and we're pretty pleased that lloyds of london likes our methodology. our job is to work with these companies, being a trusted adviser because the signatural sun will never -- digital sun will never set there are two companies, those who have b. breached and hacked and know and it those who have been breached and hacked and don't know it. >> you handled some scary times, so we remember that. governor, secretary, thank you very much.
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>> good talking with you. >> the battle for kansas, where an independent is giving longtime republican senator pat roberts the fight of his life. he is up by ten points over the senator, this is kansas. what the heck? your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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and political wisdom, you must be a democrat or republican scrambling for office in a country where 80-some percent of people think they've failed. this is a person who said he won't vote for harry reid or mitch mcconnell, who says we got to do something about -- >> he has to vote with one or the other. >> no, he doesn't. >> you got nasty with me -- >> i'm excited about the fact -- >> what does he do? >> i don't know. >> you said he doesn't have to vote -- >> he doesn't have to. he is elected to the senate. this add i hope we have to run here, shocked me -- >> david axlerod? >> the one with orman talking about what is wrong with washington. >> do we have that one. >> they'll tell you that
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president obama and harry reid are the reason washington is such a mess, and you know what? they're half right. but the other half of the mess, mitch mcconnell and pat roberts. the truth is bother parties are more interested in political games than problem solving and both parties are failing kansas. that's why i'm running for the united states senate as an independent. i'm greg orman and i approve this message because i won't answer to either party. i'll only answer to you. >> it's working for him. >> a powerful message and a opportunity triwhere over -- country where over 80% of the people believe that most politicians in washington are interested in protecting their power and privilege at the expense of the nation. he is speaking to something else. this is a force out of kansas. it is a whole different world view. what if the world view is only democrats and republicans scrambling in washington for power? we have all seen lots of polls about the dissatisfaction. he is speaking to that. that's a stunning ad to me.
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>> especially in that state jurick that state. pat roberts is a weak incouple bent, has been there 30-some years. >> so incumbenty can work against you. >> it can and you have elections going on, everything is so negative, all in the sewer, and this is something -- this guy says i'm campaigning on the platform of common sense. but it's really -- >> i know i'm -- you said he doesn't have to vote with the republican -- >> i think for parliamentary -- >> he may vote -- >> it's crucial if it's a 505 tie in the senate -- >> if we get that close to this -- he said he would vote with the majority. i'm not sure -- i think he is thinking's this a lot. republicans are making a terrible mistake.
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>> alienating this guy. >> voted for obama, voted for romney in '12. he is not happy with either. they should worry about alienating him because he is an economic conservative. this is kansas for god's sake. one of those r the most red deep states but about the heartland and it's just an alternative world view i believe is out there. if he is for real and succeeds in this -- >> you have other michael bloomberg some incentive. >> a lot of people incentive about running. >> thank you. are you still mad? >> i've never mad at you. i love you. >> you turn away when i ask the question. i watch your body language. >> i like you. >> pat is so smart, it's scary. there's smart, very smart, and then...
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hp is struggling and it is splitting. meg whitman announcing it will split two into companies. can she too it? charlie gas per -- gasperino say stars only shine once. >> bob nardelli from home depot to chrysler. and obviously ran into a lot of problems for a lot of reasons, including the financial crisis.
1:23 pm
>> what about her? >> our own boss has done it here. we are two companies now. a news division and a tv and entertainment division. i'm all for small is better. i thank banks should do this. it focuses executives on tasks and frees up a degree of shareholder value. some of these companies get so bag, their impossible to manage. look at the growth of microsoft. not so great. it's big mess and one thing that -- >> can you split it up? >> why not? you just have to making sure the egg isn't so scrambled -- >> didn't she say she wouldn't do this? >> but she said it wasn't financially sound enough, and they've cut some overhead, they've shored up the balance sheet. so, i think this is a logical thing to do. big isn't always better.
1:24 pm
these investment bankers telling people to merge, do this, economies of scale, you know, you can do all this stuff. and then in five years they realize, these marriages didn't work. aol-time warner. >> if you're a bank, never want to go small. too big to fail. >> you sound like jamie diamond. goldman sachs does find with what they have. i don't buy the fact these banks need to be big. >> i don't think they need to be big. i think they think they need to be big and it protects them -- >> that's true and we're still grappling with this, and guy -- >> can these guys, women, have a second hurrah? >> it happens so rarely. how many times has it happened? not too many ceos take time off and become a ceo.
1:25 pm
others are number twos or threes. >> but you were a super star at nbc, a huge star at fox. >> i'm a rare individual, italian american -- >> nonitalians have a tougher time. >> i've been saying this for year. our people are special. the only people that believe me is you. >> unless they take columbus day away from us. they're working on that. you won't believe it. replace it with something you never heard of, after this.
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the cdc director just out of a meeting with the president? what happened. he is here. so what if he sailed the ocean blue. columbus is close to sinking in one major city. why?
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we're just hearing the president is going to work on additional protocols for passenger screening both in the u.s. and overseas on dealing with this ebola mess but is not stopping flights per se to or from the region, and saying an ebola outbreak in the u.s., the chances of that happening is low. caught before he could even
1:30 pm
join isis, a 19-year-old american citizen arrested at chicago's o'hare airport. to garrett with the latest. >> the 19-year-old, now ham met mohammed khan wanted to leave the u.s. and join isis. he was arrested waiting to board a flight to austria and then on to turkey. he told police he planned to travel through that country to the syrian border with the help of a turkish contact he had been introduced to online and then join isis forces. during a search of his home police found handwritten notes expressing support for isis and drawings with the phrase, "come to jihad" and arabic. in a letter he left for heir parents he complained about the western society and tells his parents they should not contact the authorities about his trip.
1:31 pm
after being arrested, khan waived his miranda rights and told investigators he knew would be arrested if he ever came back to the u.s. when he asked what he would do win isis he said he expected to be involved in some type of public service, police force, humanitarian work, or a combat role. he is now facing a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. his next court hearing is on thursday. >> it's not just the -- bash -- now they're all piling on him. >> these last two years he lost his way. it's been a mixed message. a little ambivalence in trying to approach these issues and trying to clarify what the role of this country is all about. he may have found himself intense in regards to this isis crisis. >> danny mcknight says
1:32 pm
mr. panetta is right and we're all paying the price. i think of what we did in mogadishu and how this spiraled out of control, trying to do good and then just cascaded on us. do you think there's any risk of something like that repeating, if there's not enough adequate backup out of the white house and out of authorities to do what has to be done? >> well, i don't think we have enough force on the ground, and i really concerned more about it now. we have now got helicopters flight over there. , apaches, great aircraft, but that's putting our aircraft and this pilots in great jeopardy. we could have another situation where helicopters are shot done because they're easier to shoot down than fighter jets. >> what are your thoughts -- isis has made a great deal of raising its flag over captured
1:33 pm
positions in syria, despite ongoing airstrikes that appear at least not have hit them at these locales. what does that mean? have to be boots on the ground, and they're not american boots, we say. going to have to be somebody's boots, right? >> well, going to have to be boots on the ground before this is brought to a proper conclusion, means we have to win over there. if not we'll get more just like we did in chicago o'hare, people trying to help them fight. we need boots on the ground. it's not my desire we do that but it's interesting we put 4,000 boots on the ground over there taking care of ebola cries but -- ebola crisis but won't put boots on the ground in syria to help them eliminate isis, and i don't think we're having the impact that is necessary to make a difference right now. that's my opinion on it. >> colonel, i'm glad you mentioned, the boots on the ground we have to deal with
1:34 pm
ebola in syria. i think in a different sense is it different to mogadishu, to support and feed people who badly needed the help, and then just morphed into regular warfare and our soldiers dragged through the streets. is there any warning or any advice or any procedure we should follow very strictly in liberia to prevent a repeat of that and we have seen aide workes shoot. a fewer, but enough to give pause. >> i think in -- they there are and they're there to help with the ebola crisis but doesn't mean you couldn't have some force over there that is just waiting to take a shot at our people and make the same kind of crisis that you just referred to in somalia occur again. >> why is that, colonel? -- i'm sorry -- the reason
1:35 pm
because they're taught, the natives are taught that we're the enemy, we are actually contributing to their morass? how was it in mogadishu? >> in mogadishu, the way it played out was we were sent there not as an enemy. we were sent there to capture and eliminate the people that were having the really brutal killings of innocents civilians. all they wanted was to have food and take care of their families and we were there to help that get better. that's what we were supposed to be doing and liberia, too, but until we have the first shot fired, it's okay. but if the first shot is ever fired at american soldiers over there trying to help, what is the plan? is there a plan in place that is going to get them out of there or a plan to where they fight? not fight, they have to leave. >> it's scary stuff. you always remind us of what
1:36 pm
happened and how we forget history. colonel, always an honor. >> thank you, neil. >> thousands of mexican citizens are flooding into our country and now it's mexico's president ripping us for not being okay with it? senator john mccain all over it after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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hear some of the anti-immigrant language, the rhetoric, do you think it's racist? >> translator: i think it is crim discriminatory, yes. >> that's the mexican president saying we're the problem. not the mexicans. so, now if we question illegal immigration, we're racist. to arizona senator john mccain. what did you think of that? >> i think it was inaccurate and i wrote a letter to the
1:40 pm
president of mexico, who i happen to know anded a -- and admire. he has made significance changes that will help their economy. i wrote him a letter and he needs to understand the unique feeling that americans have for our veterans, for those who have served, and it's got the american people very aroused, and he should understand that. now, if i could speak a little bit on his behalf, he doesn't want to appear as caving in and an by gating the mexican justice system. maybe they ought to fix the mexican justice system, given the length of time this young man has been kept in prison. >> you're talking about sergeant tahmooressi, and nothing has been done to move the needle on that and i'm wondering if he is using that as a leverage for something else. what would it be? >> i think that there's a great deal of resentment towards the
1:41 pm
united states and mexico. you can go back in history, and all that, and he does not want to appear as having caved in to the, quote, americanos, but he needs to understand there's so much at stake in our relationship, ranging from drugs, from economy. there our large -- they're our largest trading partner and we should not let this enter veer with that and it will over time. it's already generated ill will all over the united states of america and that's not helpful. >> the add comments, the racial issue and that we're to blame for a lot of the problems that exist between the border and illegal immigrants but you said at the outset that maybe he is offering a way around this to try to improve the economy. it's fair to say that unless the mexican economy dramatically improves mexicans and others will continue flooding here because we're a better option. is that going to change?
1:42 pm
>> well, he has enacted some reforms which were about 50 years overdue, which will improve the economy over time. breaking up the cartells of the telecommunication system, allowing private work in their oil explore. >> taking on the teacher unions. but it isn't going to happen overnight, as you know. and there still is a -- we are the only country in the world that has the largest contradiction in economics between two neighbors countries, and that needs to be fixed. also, most of these immigrants now are not coming so much from mexico as they are from central mrs. where their economies are in the tank. >> -- central america where their economies are in the bank. >> the president has indicated he doesn't see any chance of seeing an ebola outbreak here but is calling for additional
1:43 pm
protocols for passenger screening in the u.s. and overseaes. do you think we should be shutting down travel to, even from the affect african countries inside. >> i think all measures have to be considered, neil, and i don't consider myself an exact expert on this, but if it requires for a period of time shutting down air service or individuals coming from these countries, tragically, i say we probably have to do that. could i mention something about syria real quick? there's a town called kobani sounded by isis, and if falls it's on the kurdish border and if it falls there will be a mass slaughter and no better indication of the ineffectiveness and fecklessness of this air campaign we're now seeing. where you warn the economy. those pictures of those buildings you see being blown up? most of them were empty.
1:44 pm
any military guy will tell you you strike first and then tell the enemy about it. >> you want to see troops on the ground to do that. what are you saying? >> i say you may have to have american special forces and -- >> the white house says no. >> well, he has said no to almost everything lindsey graham and i have called for every step of the way. eventually we have to do it. when you go in inclementaly, my friend, we saw that movie in vietnam, where we incrementally increased and that doesn't work. you have to strike hard and you have to strike fast, and you have to do what is necessary in order to win. this is a threat to the united states of america. and i am very, very disillusioned, particularly win we're going to train 5,000 young syrians, send them back in to be
1:45 pm
bombed by bashar al-assad. that's immoral to do that you have to give them a no-fly zone in which to operate, and i'm sorry to shoe horn all nat. >> no, no. you're passionate, think i'm going to did you about baseball? thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. >> we're get something new update is from the president on ebola. his cdc director will talk to us about what is next in this battle. they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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president obama says the chances for an ebola outbreak is in country are still extremely low. he is taking more stringent protocol for passenger screening in and outside of airports and those who travel to and from this country from the affected region. he just wrapped up a meeting with the cdc director. doctor, do you agree with that? the risk of this turning into something worrisome are low? >> we know how to solve ebola and the steps being taken in dallas today are going to stop the in its -- >> how do you know. >> they identified the ten peopleho looked like they had contact with him and 38 who might have had contact, and every one of those 48 people is monitored the moment if they have any symptoms. >> i have had people on this
1:50 pm
show from all walks of the medical community saying what harm in just restrict travel to -- maybe from that area, particularly liberia, liberia o where we have all these incidents. why play double jeopardy? you say what? >> we understand that impulse, but we want to make sure that we do don't anything that backfires. if you isolate these countries, it's a lot harder to get help in here. and ultimately we may be dealing with this for years on end. >> but isn't the risk that if they fly here, you have already hit the risk jackpot, right? i meaning they're here, they're exposed, they might not have been exhibiting symptoms at the time, but they do and they are and they're here and we have got a significant problem?
1:51 pm
>> we are going to preserve the safety of the american people. we're looking at all options, we have gotten some good suggestions in and feasibilities. >> what about stringent screenings limiting who comes here? >> we're looking at screening and what would follow-up be. we're looking at what we're doing in these country, we're putting in place a system by which everybody leaving those countries gets their temperature checked with a thermometer. and we know that there have been 77 passengers, removed, didn't get on planes because of that screening system we put in place. >> but you can't control people from lying. let's say somebody that's exposed from this, it's a 21-day incubation period, and everything is fine, and as in the case of this gentleman in dallas, it wasn't so fine.
1:52 pm
so how do you hold that stringently beyond just medical tests that have not tested positive? >> we're looking at all the options. >> what is one of those options? >> no matter what we do, we're not going to get the risk of zero in this country or any country as long as it's spreading widely in africa. and whatever we do, we need to make sure that we don't inadvertently in -- >> what are you doing now, short of shutting down travel to that affected area, that you're going to implement, like, pronto. >> there are a lot of people who are servous about -- i understand, sir, but there's a lot of people that are worried about the stay tuned, because they keep getting assurances from you, and they keep hearing guys like you and others saying,
1:53 pm
we're on top of this, i wasn't worried until all you guys kept saying don't worry. >> it's normal to be scared from ebola, it's a deadly disease, it's a terrible disease. if you're a health care worker caring for an ebola patient, you better be scared and make sure you follow every protocol so you don't get infected. >> doctor, it's a pleasure, thank you very, very much. >> thank you. >> we'll have more. ♪
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go strong. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are24/7branches? it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. >> well in the same city who has pledged to go through your trash, the seattle city council will vote shortly on whether to replace the federal holiday with indigenous people day. tom piscopo is saying forget about it. they're going to do it?
1:57 pm
they're going to try it? >> don't take our heritage away, we're always portrayed as stereotypical gangsters, my father was a lawyer representing the non-english speaking blue collar, my uncle was a chemical engineer, my mother comes over not marginally associated with the wrong side of the law. >> but there's fears about it and i wouldn't mind, add a day for indigenous people's day. >> this came from an anti-catholic movement in the 19th century, and it did kind of snowball. this guy is columbus, he was italian, but we need all the help we can get. >> do you see the mirrors they're running of christopher columbus? they're running this on f bhrks n, i don't think these images will show christopher columbus. i think this organization is the one perpetrating those image where is he looks like a cross dresser. so they're saying -- no, this
1:58 pm
isn't the one, the one they were pushing shows the full face thing. there's nothing wrong with the full face, we don't need that. that's my aunt betty, a lovely woman, but -- so what do you think they're doing? they're trying to vilify him? >> we're doing the columbus day parades on monday. >> she doesn't have a drop of italian blood in her. she's irish and -- you're not taking our day away. >> it's politically correct now to say all induj nice people who were trampled on like the likes of columbus. >> we came to this country italian, we learned the language, we learned the laws, we became americans, my father always taught me how to be a great american. >> what happened? >> the italians are the most patriotic people of all. >> this is seattle, joe, nothing
1:59 pm
against seattle, very busy, they're rifling through your trash to see how much food you throw away. they are. >> and in seattle, i believe were italians, listen, we came here the it tall yachbs and the jews and we built the united states of america, if we want a holiday for an explorer who was brave enough to look for a new world, we'll celebrate that holiday. >> he came here and he came to new jersey, not the bahamas. >> but you would be open to them having to -- >> who slaughtered more native americans, they were americans before any of our times and what did they do? they gave the indians casinos. but it happened that way, so you can't blame the one italian hero that we have. >> if they wanted to rip out st. patrick's day? >> it would never happen because
2:00 pm
the irish have far more power than we do. >> it's your call. i'm just saying, your call. >> i'm receiving the neil patrick c patrick cavuto award. >> it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." washington is getting a vote of no confidence from the american people. according to a new poll, more than half the people aren't very confident that government can solve problems like terrorism and the economy. perhaps it's understandable that they're -- on "meet the press," chuck todd asked white house chief advisor about the -- >> one of the challenges is a deficit that's been created over the last 18 months.


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